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J. K. Rowling & the trans debate?


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J. K. Rowling & the trans debate?

J. K. Rowling & the trans debate?

Post by Jez » 09 Jun 2020 17:41

Disclaimer, i don't wish to offend anyone!

However, I'm confused why this is a thing and please excuse my naivety but she seems to be getting a hell of grief and threats for saying not a lot?

From what i can gather from my limited knowledge shes not said anything offensive?

I suppose part of this thread is so someone can hopefully explain it to me if I'm just not getting it?

I get limited detail from my wife who just says Rowling is against trans women being allowed into women's changing rooms/toilets without going through the full change, is this correct?

Seems reasonable isn't it? Again please educate. :)