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NutritionFacts - Slowing the Growth of Cancer

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NutritionFacts - Slowing the Growth of Cancer

This is an old video from way back in 2007, but contains an excellent explanation of cancer growth in the body.

We all have cells that could grow into tumors, and many of us have tumors growing inside of us right now, so we have to start eating healthier right now. This slows down the division of cancer cells, so our immune systems may be able to clean them up before they spell trouble.

All cancers starts with one cell. Every time the cells divide, the tiny tumor doubles in size. The tumor only needs to double 30 times to form a billion cancer cells — which is a detectable tumor. But it takes between 25 to 1,000 days for cancer cells to double just once. So from the time that first cell gets mutated, it will take between 2 years and 100 years before it shows up as a small tumor.

Many breast cancers may start developing during the teen years, or even in the womb before birth; by age 40, one third of women have microscopic cancerous breast tumors. Similarly, by age 80, most men have tiny prostate cancer tumors.

Changing to a plant-based diet (with exercise) dramatically drops the levels of all measured growth hormones in blood. After just two weeks, the blood of women on plant-based diets reduced cancer growth rate by 20%.