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Fiber from Cereal (but not Fruit/Veg) Associated With Lower CVD

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This is a strange one ...

Not All Dietary Fiber is Created Equal: Cereal Fiber Is Linked With Lower Inflammation

Intake and Sources of Dietary Fiber, Inflammation, and Cardiovascular Disease in Older US Adults


4k adults enrolled in the Cardiovascular Health Study (1989-1990): food frequency questionnaires to those without prevalent CVD; June 2015 follow-up for development CVD (stroke, myocardial infarction, atherosclerotic cardiovascular death). Blood samples were assessed for markers of inflammation.

Total fiber cereal fiber (but not fruit or vegetable fiber) was consistently associated with lower inflammation and lower CVD incidence.

Fiber in general exhibits anti-inflammatory effects by improving gut function, modifying diet and satiety, and improving lipid and glucose profile metabolism ... but why cereal fiber (but not vegetable or fruit fiber) is associated with lower inflammation is not clear. It is not known whether cereal fiber per se or other nutrients are driving the observed relationships. Additionally, inflammation had only a modest role in mediating the observed inverse association between cereal fiber and CVD, suggesting that factors other than inflammation may play a larger role in the cereal fiber–associated reduction in CVD.